Sally NollThe main research focus is on nutrition and feeding of commercial turkeys. This includes the determination of the nutritional value of by-products of the biofuels industry as feed ingredients for turkeys. Recent studies examined use of distillers dried grains with solubles and crude corn oil as substitutes for corn in the diet as a source of energy. A series of studies are being conducted to determine the impact of early nutrition of poults on subsequent performance near market age. For more information, please visit the Poultry section of the Biofuels Co-Products in Animal Feeds website.

A study In the area of production and management is examining the use of wallboard scraps as a source of bedding for turkeys.

Minnesota and other states have seen devastating outbreaks of avian influenza on poultry farms. University of Minnesota researchers have collaborated with other agencies to help manage the disease and reduce potential risks of it spreading. For information about the disearse, please visit  Avian Influenza on the College of Veterinary Medicine website.