Waterfowl Management

General Information

  • Brooding and Rearing Ducklings and Geese (University of Missouri) HTML
  • Duck and Goose... from Farm to Table (USDA/FSIS) HTML
  • Looking After Call Ducks (Call Duck Assoc, UK) HTML
  • Raising Waterfowl (University of Wisconsin) PDF


  • Introduction to Commercial Duck Farming (NSW Government, Australia) PDF
  • Muscovy Duck Care Practices (University of California-Davis) HTML
  • Raising Ducks (University of Minnesota) HTML
  • Raising Ducks in Small Flocks (University of California-Davis) PDF


  • Geese for Water Hyacinth Control (University of Florida) PDF
  • Geese Raising (New South Wales Dept of Ag, Australia) HTML
  • Geese: The Underestimated Species (FAO) HTML
  • Goose Production for the Table (Scottish Agricultural College) HTML
  • Raising Geese (University of Minnesota) HTML
  • Raising Geese (University of California-Davis) PDF
  • Weeding With Geese (University of Missouri) HTML