General Information

  • Water for Poultry (University of Florida) PDF
  • Water Requirements of Poultry (eXtension) HTML
  • Water Quality and Environment (University of Minnesota Ext) HTML


  • Arsenic in Drinking Water (University of Arizona) PDF
  • Drinking Water and Recreational Water Quality: Microbiological Criteria (University of Idaho) PDF
  • Drinking Water Standards (University of Arizona) PDF
  • Is There Lead in Your Drinking Water? (University of Arizona) PDF
  • Microorganisms in Your Well Water (University of Arizona) PDF
  • Nitrate in Drinking Water (University of Missouri) PDF / HTML
  • Nitrate in Drinking Water and Human Health (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Nitrates in Drinking Water (Minnesota Dept of Health) HTML
  • Nitrate Trends (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Nitrogen Cycle (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Threat to Our Waters (Purdue University) PDF
  • Nutrient and Pesticide Management in the HUA (University of Idaho) PDF
  • Pesticides in Idaho Groundwater: Monitoring, Protection, and Prevention (University of Idaho) PDF
  • Preventing Water Contamination (University of Georgia) PDF
  • Sulfur Water Control - Rotten Egg Odor in Home Water Supplies (Purdue University) HTML
  • Terminology for Reporting Nitrate Concentration (University of Missouri) HTML
  • Your Drinking Water: Nitrates (University of Georgia) HTML
  • Your Drinking Water: Pesticides (University of Georgia) HTML

Ground & Well Water

  • Groundwater and Wellhead Protection in the HUA (University of Idaho) PDF
  • Improving Drinking Water for the Rural Resident (University of Georgia) PDF
  • Protecting Your Well and Wellhead (University of Georgia) HTML / PDF
  • Water Wells (University of Arizona) PDF
  • Wetlands and Water Quality (Purdue University) HTML

Sampling & Testing

  • How to Take a Water Sample (Purdue University) HTML
  • Interpreting Water Test Reports - Part One: Inorganic Materials (Purdue University) HTML
  • Sampling for Bacteria in Wells (Texas A&M) PDF
  • Test Your Well for Safety (University of Arizona) PDF
  • Water Testing (University of Idaho) PDF
  • Well Water Testing (Illinois EPA) HTML

Water Quality

  • Agricultural Phosphorus and Water Quality (University of Missouri) PDF / HTML
  • Agriculture and Water Quality (University of Iowa) PDF
  • Animal Agriculture's Effect on Water Quality: Pastures and Feedlots (Purdue University) HTML
  • Animal Agriculture's Effect on Water Quality: Waste Storage (Purdue University) HTML
  • Evaluating Water Quality for Livestock (Manitoba Department of Ag & Food) HTML
  • Evaluating Water Quality for Poultry (Auburn University) PDF / HTML
  • Land Use and Water Quality (Purdue University) HTML
  • Livestock Drinking Water Quality (Colorado State University) HTML
  • Livestock Watering Requirements: Quantity and Quality (British Columbia Ministry of Ag & Lands) PDF
  • Pesticides and Water Quality - Principles, Policies, and Programs (Purdue University) PDF
  • Poultry Water Quality Handbook (Poultry Water Quality Consortium) HTML
  • Water Quality for Livestock and Poultry (New Mexico State University) PDF / HTML
  • Water Quality for Livestock Drinking (University of Missouri Ext) HTML
  • When is Water Good Enough for Livestock? (Montana State University) HTML