Pest Control

General Information

  • Addressing the Consequences of Predator Damage to Livestock and Poultry (Virginia Tech) PDF / HTML
  • Controlling Nuisance Mammals (University of Illinois Extension) HTML
  • Fumigating Agricultural Commodities with Phosphine (Alabama Coop Extension System) PDF
  • Pest Helpers ( HTML
  • Poultry Pest Management (Alabama Coop Extension System) PDF
  • Poultry Pest Management (Texas A&M University) PDF
  • Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage (Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management) PDF / HTML
  • Recent Progress in Poultry Pest Research (University of California-Davis) PDF
  • Urban Integrated Pest Management (North Carolina State University) HTML



  • Ants (Purdue University) PDF
  • Biological Control of Fire Ants: An Update on New Techniques (USDA-ARS) PDF
  • Fire Ant Control in Two Easy Steps (University of Arkansas) PDF
  • Solving Nuisance Ant Problems Without Pesticides (Journal of Pesticide Reform/Fall 2002, Vol. 22, No. 3) PDF

External Parasites

  • Chiggers (Purdue University) PDF
  • Common External Parasites of Poultry (University of Kentucky) PDF
  • Common Intermittent External Parasites of Poultry (University of Florida) PDF
  • External Parasites of Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML
  • Fleas (Purdue University) PDF
  • Pest Management (Iowa State University) HTML
  • Ticks (Purdue University) PDF
  • Ticks and Their Control (University of Minnesota) HTML


  • Biology and Control of Flies in Poultry Facilities (University of Arkansas) PDF
  • Black Dump Fly: A Larval Predator of House Flies (University of Florida) PDF
  • Black Flies - Springtime's Biting Gnats (Iowa State University) HTML
  • Black Fly Control (Alberta Agriculture & Forestry) HTML
  • Checklist for Fly Control in Poultry Facilities (Alberta Agriculture & Forestry) PDF
  • Fly Control in Caged Layer Buildings (University of Missouri) HTML
  • Fly Control on Poultry (University of Kentucky) HTML
  • Get Rid of Flies Guide ( HTML
  • Using Sticky Cards to Monitor Fly Populations in Poultry Houses (University of Florida) PDF


  • Black Flies - Springtime's Biting Gnats (Iowa State University) HTML
  • Fungus Gnats (University of California-Davis) HTML
  • Fungus Gnats (Ohio State University) HTML
  • Gnat Control ( HTML
  • How to Get Rid of Gnats Inside and Outside the House ( HTML
  • Midges and Gnats (University of Kentucky) HTML

Insect Infestation of Manure

  • Lesser Meal Worm (University of Maine) HTML
  • Lesser Mealworms or Litter Beetles (University of Kentucky) HTML

Insect Infestation of Stored Grain

  • Grain Mite Infestation: Prevention and Control (Purdue University) HTML
  • Insect Pests of Stored Grain: Cadelle Beetle (University of Kentucky) HTML
  • Insect Pests of Stored Grain: Flour Beetles (University of Kentucky) HTML
  • Insect Pests of Stored Grain: Indianmeal Moth (University of Kentucky) HTML
  • Insect Pests of Stored Grain: Lesser Grain Borer (University of Kentucky) HTML
  • Integrating Temperature and Pest Management for Successful Grain Storage (Purdue University) PDF
  • Principal Stored Grain Insects of Indiana (Purdue University) PDF
  • Stored Grain Insect Pest Management (Purdue University) PDF

Internal Parasites

  • Guidance for Industry - Effectiveness of Anthelmintics: General Recommendations (FDA) PDF
  • Nematode Parasites of Poultry - and Where to Find Them (University of Florida) PDF / HTML
  • Parasite Management for Natural and Organic Poultry: Coccidiosis (ATTRA) PDF / HTML

Stinging Insects

  • Honey Bee Swarms and Bees in Walls (University of Georgia) HTML
  • Social Bees and Wasps (Purdue University) PDF


  • Managing Mosquitoes on the Farm (University of California-Davis) PDF
  • Mosquitoes In and Around Homes (Alabama Coop Extension System) PDF
  • Mosquitoes In and Around the Home (Purdue University) PDF
  • Mosquitoes of Poultry (Merck Veterinary Manual) HTML

Pesticide Use & Safety

  • Dispose of Pesticides Properly (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Keep Gloves Handy for Pesticide Work (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Pesticides and the Bottom Line (North Central Region Pesticide Impact Assessment Program) PDF
  • Pesticides Used for Control of Poultry Insect Pests (Mississippi State University) PDF
  • Protect Your Hands with Gloves (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Understand Label Precautions (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Use Eye and Lung Protection (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Wear Coveralls and Aprons (Iowa State University) PDF
  • What to do When Clothes are Soiled with Pesticide (Iowa State University) PDF

Miscellaneous Insects

  • Cockroaches (University of Alaska) PDF
  • Cockroaches (Purdue University) PDF
  • Termite Control (Purdue University) PDF



  • Bats and Bat Houses (Alabama Coop Extension System) HTML
  • BATS - Animal Damage Management (Purdue University) PDF


  • Controlling Birds Around Farm Buildings (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
  • Hawks and Owls (University of Nebraska) PDF
  • PIGEONS - Animal Damage Management (Purdue University) PDF
  • WOODPECKERS - Animal Damage Management (Purdue University) PDF


  • Understanding the Coyote (Kansas State University) PDF
  • Use of Snares for Capturing Coyotes (Kansas State University) PDF


  • Managing Iowa Wildlife: Raccoons (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Managing Raccoon Problems in Missouri (University of Missouri) PDF / HTML
  • Raccoons (Wildlife Conflicts Information, Purdue University) HTML


  • Controlling Rodents in Commercial Poultry Facilities (Purdue University) PDF
  • Rodenticides for Control of Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice (University of California-Davis) HTML
  • RODENTS - Poultry Production Manual Chapter 13 (Univesity of Kentucky) HTML


  • Managing Skunk Problems in Missouri (University of Missouri) PDF / HTML
  • Skunks - Wildlife Nuisance and Damage (Pennsylvania State University) PDF


  • Snakes: Information for Missouri Homeowners (University of Missouri) PDF / HTML
  • Snakes of Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin) PDF
  • Snakes - Wildlife Nuisance and Damage (Pennsylvania State University) PDF

Miscellaneous Wildlife

  • CHIPMUNKS - Animal Damage Management (Purdue University) PDF
  • Controlling Nuisance: Weasels (University of Missouri) HTML
  • WOODCHUCKS - Animal Damage Management (Purdue University) PDF