Game Bird Management

General Information

  • All About Gamebirds (That Quail Place) HTML
  • Attracting Waterfowl to Beaver Ponds (Alabama Coop Ext System) HTML
  • Avian Influenza Prevention in Gamebird and Ratite Facilities (The Poultry Site) HTML
  • Care and Handling of Game Birds from Field to Table (Kansas State University) PDF
  • Construction, Insulation and Ventilation of Game Bird Facilities (University of Florida) PDF / HTML
  • Feeding Game Birds (Mississippi State University) HTML
  • Game Bird Central (Nation-wide online game bird placement & location service) HTML
  • Game Birds and Ratites (Mississippi State University) HTML
  • Hatchery Management Guide for Game Bird and Small Poultry Flock Owners (Mississippi State University) PDF / HTML
  • Homemade Meat, Poultry and Game Sausages (Washington State University) PDF
  • How to Begin and Survive a Commercial Gamebird Farm (Leland Hayes Gamebird Publications) PDF
  • Managing Game Birds (Michigan State University) PDF
  • Preventing Blackhead Disease in Turkeys and Game Birds (Kansas State University) PDF
  • Proper Care and Handling of Game Birds from Field to Table (Pennsylvania State University) PDF / HTML
  • Proper Processing of Wild Game and Fish (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
  • Raising Game Birds (University of California-Davis) PDF


  • Mourning Dove (Chipper Woods Bird Observatory) HTML
  • Mourning Dove Biology and Management in Alabama (Alabama Coop Ext System) PDF
  • Raising Doves (Wild Bird Watching) HTML
  • Ringneck Dove Breeding Notes (DOVEPAGE) HTML

Guinea Fowl

  • Guinea Fowl (Oklahoma State University) HTML
  • Guinea Fowl Management (University of Connecticut) HTML
  • Guinea Fowl - Numida meleagris (FeatherSite) HTML
  • Raising Guinea Fowl (USDA Leaflet No. 519) PDF


  • Partridge Production (Pennsylvania State University) HTML
  • Raising Chukar Partridges (University of California-Davis) PDF


  • Diseases of Peafowl (United Peafowl Association) HTML
  • History of Peafowl in Captivity (United Peafowl Association) HTML
  • How Do I Raise Baby Peafowl (3 Peas Bird Farm) HTML
  • Keeping Peafowl - Do's and Don'ts - Reprinted from Peacock Journal (United Peafowl Association) HTML
  • Marketing Your Peafowl (United Peafowl Association) HTML
  • Peacock Pages: Keeping & Breeding the Peacock ( HTML
  • Peafowl - Family Phasianidae (United Peafowl Association) HTML
  • Peafowl Genetics - It's No Secret Anymore (3 Peas Bird Farm) HTML
  • Peafowl Housing (United Peafowl Association) HTML


  • Pheasant Production (Pennsylvania State University) PDF / HTML
  • Pheasant Raising (New South Wales Dept of Primary Industries) HTML
  • Raising Pheasants (North Dakota State University) HTML
  • Ring-necked Pheasant (Pennsylvania Game Commission) PDF / HTML
  • Ring-necked Pheasant - Phasianus colchicus (Connecticut Dept of Environmental Protection) PDF
  • Ring-necked Pheasant - Phasianus colchicus (USDA-NRCS) PDF
  • Ringneck Pheasants (North Dakota State University) HTML
  • Tips on Pheasant Raising (MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc) HTML


  • Bobwhite Quail Management (Alabama Coop Ext System) PDF
  • Bobwhite Quail Production (Pennsylvania State University) PDF / HTML
  • Bobwhite Quail Production (University of Florida) PDF
  • Bobwhite Quail Production and Management Guide (University of Georgia) PDF
  • Feeding Bobwhite Quail (North Carolina Coop Ext) HTML
  • Feeding Quail (Mississippi State University) PDF
  • Japanese Quail - Coturnix (Texas A&M) PDF
  • Japanese Quail Farming (That Quail Place) HTML
  • Japanese Quail Husbandry in the Laboratory (University of California, Davis) PDF
  • Nutrition and Management of Japanese (Coturnix) Quail in the Tropics (That Quail Place) HTML
  • Nutrition Guide for Bobwhite Quail Production (University of Georgia) PDF
  • Planting Partridge Pea for Bobwhite Quail (Alabama Coop Ext System) PDF / HTML
  • Propagation and Commercial Use of Bobwhite Quail (Alabama Coop Ext System) PDF / HTML
  • Quail (Scotland's Rural College) HTML
  • Quail Feed Medications (Mississippi State University) HTML
  • Raising and Propagating Japanese Quail (University of California, Davis) PDF

Wild Turkeys

  • All About Wild Turkeys (National Wild Turkey Federation) HTML
  • How to Field Dress a Wild Turkey ( HTML
  • Managing Iowa Wildlife: Wild Turkeys (Iowa State University) PDF
  • Upland Game - Wild Turkeys (Texas Parks & Wildlife) HTML
  • Wild Turkey Management in Alabama (Alabama Coop Ext System) PDF / HTML