General Information

  • The Changing Economy of the Egg Industry (University of California-Davis) PDF
  • Diagnosing a Farm Profitability Problem (University of Arkansas) PDF
  • Economic Overview of Farm Incomes: Poultry & Egg Farms (Ag & Agri-Food Canada) PDF
  • Estimating the Value of Domestic Fowl (Virginia Tech) HTML
  • Farm Labor Laws and Regulations in Minnesota, 2009 (University of Minnesota Extension) HTML
  • Iowa's Turkey Industry: An Economic Review (Iowa State University) PDF / HTML
  • Is Your Agribusiness Project Feasible? (University of Georgia) PDF / HTML
  • Perceptions of Mississippians Concerning the Poultry Industry (Mississippi State University) HTML

Cost Analysis

  • Broiler Production Systems in Georgia: Costs and Returns Analysis - 2011-2012 (University of Georgia) PDF
  • Cash Flow Estimates for Contract Broiler Production in Georgia: A 20-Year Analysis (University of Georgia) PDF
  • Cost and Yield Comparisons of Ready-to-Cook Chicken Products (Texas A&M) PDF


  • Alternative Financial/Organizational Structures of Farm and Agribusiness Firms (Purdue University) HTML
  • Direct Sale of Poultry (University of Nebraska) PDF
  • Identifying Domestic Markets: Indirect Marketing of Produce (University of Idaho) PDF
  • Managing Risk in Agriculture (Purdue University) HTML
  • Using Enterprise Budgets to Make Decisions About Your Farm (Washington State University) PDF

Production Contracts

  • Agricultural Production Contracts (University of Minnesota) PDF
  • Assessing the Impact of Integrator Practices on Contract Poultry Growers (Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc) PDF
  • Comparison of Vertical Coordination in the US Poultry, Egg, and Pork Industries (USDA/ERS) PDF
  • Contracting in the Poultry Industry (USDA/ERS) PDF
  • Evolution of Vertical Coordination in the Poultry, Egg, and Pork Industries (USDA/ERS) PDF
  • Farmers' Use of Marketing and Production Contracts (USDA/ERS) HTML
  • Livestock Production Contracts: Risks for Family Farmers (Farmers' Legal Action Group Inc) HTML
  • Price and Quality of Pork and Broiler Products: What's the Role of Vertical Coordination? (USDA/ERS) PDF