Broiler Breeder Management

General Information

  • Guidelines for Prospective Contract Hatching Egg Producers (University of Georgia) PDF / HTML
  • Male Aggression in Broiler Breeders (Ontario Ministry of Ag & Food) HTML


  • Allocating Feed to Female Broiler Breeders (Alberta Poultry Research Centre) HTML
  • Challenge Feeding (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food) HTML
  • How to Feed Your Laying and Breeding Hens (Oregon State University) PDF
  • How Selenium Can Improve Fertility in Laying Hen Flocks (Alberta Ag, Food & Rural Development) HTML
  • Pre-breeder Diets (Ontario Ministry of Ag & Food) HTML
  • Time to Feed Your Breeders (Ontario Ministry of Ag & Food) HTML
  • Vitamin E and Selenium in Broiler Breeder Diets: Effect on Live Performance, Hatching Process, and Chick Quality (Urso, et al., 2014, Poultry Sci, Vol 94, Issue 5, 976-983) PDF / HTML


  • Can Eggshell Quality be Determined by Shell Color? (Alberta Ag, Food & Rural Development) HTML
  • Contamination of Hatching Eggs (North Carolina State University) HTML
  • Essentials of a Hatching Egg Quality Assurance Program (North Carolina State University) HTML
  • Hatching-Egg Production, Storage and Sanitation (University of California-Davis) PDF
  • Hatching Egg Sanitation: The Key Step in Sucessful Storage and Production (University of California-Davis) PDF
  • The Importance of Traying Eggs with the Large End Up (North Carolina State University) HTML
  • Management of Hatching Eggs and Broiler Performance (University of Florida) PDF / HTML
  • The Only Good Broiler Breeder Egg is a Fertilized Egg (Mississippi State University) PDF
  • Profiling Egg Storage. The Effects on Egg Weight Loss and Hatchability (Alberta Ag, Food & Rural Development) HTML
  • Sanitation of Hatching Eggs (Mississippi State University) HTML
  • Specific Gravity Determination for Hatching Eggs (North Carolina State University) HTML
  • Spray Sanitizing Hatching Eggs (North Carolina State University) HTML


  • Importance of Proper Blackout Housing (North Carolina State University) HTML
  • Light Intensity Measurements in Poultry Houses (North Carolina State University) HTML
  • Understanding the Physiology of Lighting for Broiler Breeders (The Poultry Site / North Carolina Poultry Industry Newsletter, Winter 2008) HTML


  • Management for Control of Ovarian Development in Broiler Breeders (The Poultry Informed Professional) PDF
  • Management Techniques to Improve Male Mating Activity and Compensate for the Age-Related Decline in Broiler Breeder Fertility: Intra-Spiking (The Poultry Informed Professional) PDF
  • Reproductive Efficiency and Metabolism of Female Broiler Breeders as Affected by Genotype, Feed Allocation, and Age at Photostimulaton. 1. Pullet Growth and Development (Robinson, et al., 2007, Poultry Sci Vol 86, Issue 10, 2256-2266) PDF / HTML