Turkey Media DayPoultry extension specialists from CFANS/Department of Animal Science, the College of Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and Extension’s Small Farms Program work to communicate up-to-date applied and research-based information to those in the poultry industry including large- and small-scale producers. The programs of emphasis are: 1) Nutrition and Feeding of Commercial Market Turkeys, 2) Flock Health, and 3) Poultry Management and Production.

For Market Turkey Nutrition, results from an ongoing applied research program provide information to turkey producers, feed industry and poultry nutritionists in the upper Midwest. The goal is to develop economical feeding programs that promote economic performance, and increased meat yield and quality. Information is presented via committee meetings and nutrition conferences. Interest continues in utilization of distiller grains with solubles in poultry diets and now crude corn oil. A newer development has been the impact of oil removal from distillers grains with solubles on turkey performance, which is a negative for inclusion of DDGS in poultry diets.

For Poultry Health, disease control and biosecurity are concerns regardless of flock size. A Turkey Health School that targets turkey producers is held on campus. The program is for turkey industry personnel and emphasizes health care practices for commercial turkey production. Participants learn about necropsy, sampling and diagnostics, specific diseases, cleaning and disinfection programs, and biosecurity programs over a two-day time period.

For the Poultry Production and Management area, a variety of resources are available. The University of Minnesota Extension Small Farms Program provides workshops, publications, and other educational information to farmers and urban dwellers about how to raise poultry and livestock successfully, whether for personal use or developing a commercial enterprise. The PoultryU website provides links to a number of publications that provides the basics for those interested in rearing poultry on a small or large scale.